At 10:24AM, there was a 354,000 - share purchase of QTWW.  Today's downward slide on Quantum (for no known reason) was followed by a large purchase by one investor.

As I said in earlier posts, this is what I watch for on this stock.  It could be that someone just wanted to toss $300k into a stock that is tanking.  Or it could be that someone just bought to cover (BTC) a short position.  If the latter, then the price of QTWW is free to run it's course now.

I set a buy stop 2 cents above current price starting at 10:00.   Then I continued to cancel the order and adjust it down as the stock went down.  The steeper the dive, the tighter the buy stop as seen in the image below.   (you will also note the volume spike mentioned above)

The lines you see are the stops I had set while QTWW was in a nose dive.  As soon as it reversed directions, I got another chunk at .79 and lowered my basis to 1.0209

-- update --

11:30AM - I don't see the expected change in trading pattern.  This could mean that today's volume spike was only a partial BTC.

As for compliance, company fundimentals, etc., I always attend the conference calls of the stocks I watch closely. 



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