Trades 4/7/10

As the Dow nears its 11,000 ceiling and bounces off of it, many have been wondering where all this strength is coming from.  Many of the stocks I regularly trade have been active, yet those I hold have been penny bound.

Having bought both sides of the coin on UAUA, it has stagnated in the 19.20 to 20.20 range after jumping $6.00 since I last sold the stock.   The options I hold are a small fraction of the gains made, selling it on a trailing stop in January. 

The surprise has been RDN, which is usually very volatile and rarely stays at its top or bottom for more than a few days.

After holding at $224 for two weeks,  AAPL jumped again.  I sold this one in January for a $20 per share gain and neglected to buy the dip at 190 again.

Yesterday, SSN popped for its second leg up, hitting .85 - sure to be short lived.  See the chart below. 

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 0.9179 0.686 -0.2319 N/A
BCON Stock 0.44 0.4422 0.0022 N/A
UAL.Apr.25.Call Option 0.18 0.04 -0.14 N/A
RDN.Apr.10.Put Option 0.10 0.05 -0.05 N/A
UAL.Apr.15.Put Option 0.23 0.04 -0.19 N/A

I have always doubled up on SSN, but in this case, I would have to say I did not see the second run coming.   SSN hit .37 about 5 days after I sold it at it's peak of .57

I have made the mistake of getting back into this stock too soon many times. I normally buy back in anywhere below .33 and sell between .55 - .60 with .30 being the absolute bottom over the years.   Last time, I held through the dilution and, of course, doubled up with a cost basis of .27 / sale at .57

The following chart shows where I have bought in (Green) and where I got out (red).