Stop order: Buying

There is a stock currently trading for $10.00 per share and the price has been rising or you are waiting for it to break out over a certain price.
You want to purchase 100 shares of the stock automatically if the price hits $10.75
“Day” means the order is only good for today.
“GTC” means the order will be Good Till Canceled (in could execute 3 weeks from now or more).

Enter the Symbol, Quantity, Type (stop), and enter 10.75 in the stop field. Click "Buy" and confirm the order.

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The stock will be bought when the price goes up to $10.75
You will own it at $10.75 even if the stock hits $10.75 and drops like a rock after that. Let's hope it continues up after execution.

Note:  Some trading platforms execute Buy / Stop orders based on the "Last Traded Price" and other platforms use the stock's "Ask" price when executing this type of order.  Check with your broker to find out which execution method applies.
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