Start at the beginning...

I follow a few bloggers and have learned how to make the markets work for me over the years. So, I thought, "It's time to give something back". As with help files, many "Stocks 101" entries on the web tell you everything you (may) already know but skip the simplest aspects, assuming one would know them. My first posts will be short and complete regarding how to use different types of orders to buy and sell stocks.

When I started trading I had to read long explanations of strategies regarding order types, but all of those pages were missing simple information on how to use orders, how to enter orders and what will happen as a result of each. I already knew what I wanted to do, I had my own strategy, but key information was missing. I won't tell you how to trade, and I won't bother to tell you if it's risky or not. Those are your choices - consider that a disclaimer.

The following posts are simple examples of trades, how to enter them, and what the result will be. We'll use XYZ as the stock symbol and some basic round numbers of that non-existent stock.

Your trading interface may look different, but the fields should be similar.


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