Trades 1/19/10

Watching the action before the bell, I suspect a negative start, if not a negative day today.  World markets overnight were all inthe red (except HK which dipped heavily last week).  Oil is down at 76 and change.

That could turn around if Kraft (KFT) finalizes their bid for Cadbury (CBY).  Watch CBY jump if that is the case.

Other big news on Citibank (C) which is reporting a huge loss due to plans of paying off Uncle Sam.
I had thought of shorting C until I looked at the Call volume which is unusually high.  Consider setting a buy stop on C at 3.45 in case the day forgets to continue its downside action of late.
If C drops, I will be setting a buy stop at 0.08 above current price.  I will be adjusting that stop as the stock drops, hoping to catch the bottom as investors over react to the news.

Solarfun Power Holdings (SOLF) and Radian Group Inc. (RDN) both had very good runs until the market started downward. These two could recover quite nicely, if the market trend should turn around. Consider the following buy stops.

RDN -  open 7.78 - buy stop 8.06 - sell stop 7.76
SOLF - open 8.30 - buy stop 8.65 - sell stop 8.29


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