Trades 2/09/10

Still a lot of sentiment to the negative side today.  The market tried to move up but we got another camel hump. 

Big news for UAUA - all positive for a stock that will not fall anyway.  This breaks all tradition of Airlines dropping after the holidays.  With 900 points shaved off the Dow, UAUA has barely reacted and now I can kiss my put options good-bye.  The loss is the same as if I had bought it and sold on a stop loss. 

Despite oil prices, SSN is holding and QTWW is rising a bit but still under control. 

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 1.02 0.81 -0.2270 N/A
SSN Stock 0.276 0.27 -0.006 N/A
UALNO Option 0.10 0.02 -0.08 N/A


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