Trades 2/08/10

The market opened choppy today.  It's anyone's guess as to what the next move will be.  I am comfortable staying on the sidelines for now.  My trading style plays major volatility, so flat days won't see any action from me.  

So far the call limit at 0.21 for TS has not executed.
 SSN and QTWW will run up when they are ready.  I am long on QTWW and will set a trailing stop when it turns positive for me.  As soon as controlling entities let go, this one will run. 

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 1.02 0.7679 -0.253 N/A
SSN Stock 0.276 0.26 -0.0016 N/A
UALNO Option 0.10 0.02 -0.08 N/A



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