Trades 2/05/10


Well, we had the day I anticipated, and the dow nearly hit 10k again.  SKF did well but we lost in on a very conservative sell stop.  This on a one day bear market rally.  The put options below should pan out before expiration if things continue the way they are.   I have to say though, UAUA is showing exceptional resilience, bouncing between the mid 12's and 14.00 per share.  I had not expected that.

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 1.02 0.775 -0.2459 N/A
SSN Stock 0.276 0.2684 -0.076 N/A
TSWNH Option 0.25 0.35 +0.10 N/A
UALNO Option 0.10 0.02 -0.08 N/A

---update 2:20PM---
As the dow dropped WELL below the 10k mark...

UAUA has stayed within an .80 cent range despite the Dow dropping 800 or so points.  This amazes me.  My put option should have worked out similar to that of TS.  Ether way, my opions investments are minimal.Usually 10 contracts or less.

I Sold the put options on TS (TSWNH) just after the 2 pm bounce.  I got $1.00 per share (cost basis $0.25)  essetially quadrupling my investment.  I am checking how much Feb. calls are going for - strike 45.

TS is notoriously good for bouncing back, all in all, a very good performer.

Here is the Option Chain for TS calls.

click to enlarge

3PM - I have a buy limit on TSWBI - Ts - Feb. Call Options - Strike 45
Current price is 0.25 (as it was for the put we bought). 
Our buy limit is 0.21

If things fall apart today, we will add TS call options to our portfolio.  Again - risk no more than you would be comfortable with on a normal sell stop-loss. 

We can adust our buy limit tomorrow if things continue down - we want in cheap.


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