Trades 3/17/10

The Dow inched near 10,700 again yesterday. If true to form, it should go down from here.  

The price of QTWW hit .68 twice today, and as I mentioned, there is a buy limit set on QTWW at 0.67 in order to lower the basis a bit more.   If that one executes, I will be setting another for .65

Where UAUA is going is anyone's guess, which is why I have options on both sides.  Once a direction is clear, one of those options will be dumped.   Let's hope it doesn't stagnate until mid April.  

I have seen no price movement on TS, AAPL, SSN or GA.  I am looking at shorting GSS if it goes near 4.00 and RDN if it nears 12.00 to 12.50 range.  

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 1.02 0.7002 -0.3207 N/A
BCON Stock 0.44 0.41 -0.03 Stop 0.37
UAUA APR 25 CALL Option 0.18 0.22 +0.04 N/A
UAUA APR 15 PUT Option 0.23 0.18 -0.05 N/A


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