Trades 3/05/10

 The market has been in a vicious cycle for weeks now.  Huge falls and then it crawls back up nearing 10,700 (Dow).   I have been out of the market as many of the stocks I track are irratic at best.  

Today, QTWW is in free-fall - the sooner the better.  This stock has one major investor who buys 2 to 3 million shares at a time.  I know, because a single purchase on the L2 live list can only be one person or entity.  I have posted before that we need to watch for large volume spikes.  That is when the tide will turn.

In this 6 month view of QTWW, you will see that news J talked about their non-compliance and the stock ran up.  I patiently owned it then and will patiently own it when it runs again. 

Last year, QTWW stayed in the .65 to .75 range April though August.  This year that won't happen.  Nothing but good news is out and they have many new contracts, plus the Karma will be on the market within 6 months and they are sold out in pre-orders.


For the last few weeks, SSN has been gaining ground.  There are new projects and good news coming out every week.  Today:

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 1.02 0.7287 -0.2922 N/A
SSN Stock 0.276 0.4888 +0.2128 N/A


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