Trades 3/11/10

As I mentioned, I think we will drop a few hundred points in the next few days.  I was looking at UAUA options as the calls will be hitting their mark soon, but it never quite hit 20.00.   I opted to look at another small cap that I watch.

I set BCON to buy at .44 - which is a break out.   These stocks are not (so) influenced by large changes in the major indexes.  This one has been due for a while, so it should do well.  What worries me is if they make a public offering.   For that reason I will have a stop on it.

Current Holdings

Symbol Security Entry Last Change Exit Plan
QTWW Stock 1.02 0.7586 -0.2623 N/A
BCON Stock 0.44 0.44 +0.0 Stop .37

I also plan to buy more if it drops near day's end or gaps down in the morning tomorrow.  Also  note that BCON will have a conference call Monday before the open.   This could cause a fairly big move in price in either direction, but the sell stop will cover us to prevent any large scale losses.


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